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For 12,50 (excl tax and shipping),   you can get your own 'flee to' CD album!
Send an email to LOBY:  info@loby.nl   with subject: " FLEETO CD ORDER" and include your post adress.

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You can also order the 'flee to' album here by downloading it.


Bestel jouw 'flee to' CD album van LOBY (Dutch)

Voor 12,50 (excl btw en verzendkosten), kan je jou eigen 'flee to' CD album krijgen.
Stuur een email naar LOBY: info@loby.nl met als onderwerp: " FLEETO CD BESTELLING" en stuur je post adres mee.

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Ook kan je hier de "flee to" album digitaal beluisteren en downloaden.

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Album notes

On a "Steinway & Sons" grand piano, hidden in a theater, in a school, the piano improvisations was recorded with two condense microphones. After two days in a row of playing, the improvisation sessions was mixed and mastered at the Studio Quiet Lounge with Stephan Läufer.
With the playful CD designs from the illustrator Anika Franke, this Album became an combined art piece created with a lot of care and love.

"flee to" is the first album from Loby Lam. After he discovered this piano years before the recordings, he contemplated while playing.
Every moment he spend a dialogue with this piano, he got confronted with aspects of life at that very moment.
This album was recorded during the time he realized, there was no where to flee to. All that there is, is already here and now.
The music is an invitation to co-create and rediscover your own creativity by just playing.